The Knowledge of Jeremy Goldstein in the Corporate Law

Jeremy Goldstein is one of the best attorneys in the business law. He handles lawsuits procedures in this field. He has been in the legal industry for more than fifteen years and had massive experience that has been recognized by many companies. He helps companies by giving them legal guidance on advisory facilities that involves employee services. He was also greatly recognized for his excellent work by well-known organizations. He has helped transform companies such as Chevron, Merck, Verizon, Bank One, AT&T and Duke Energy. At Fountain House, Jeremy serves as a board member. This is a charitable company that publishes and provides services that deal with law.


The great experience and skills of Goldstein in the law industry made him make a decision of starting his own law firm which he named Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates LLC. Management teams, compensation committees, and chief executive officers received advisory services from this law firm. Other than that the firm also assists companies that are in charge of corporate governance as well as executive returns. His organization is involved in finding solutions for companies that engage in corporate matters and delicate circumstances. He is the founder and chief executive officer of the organization.


Triumph choices are able to raise the efficiency of a company by giving employees substitute stocks; this is what Jeremy Goldstein trusts in helping an organization. This tactic will immensely reduce executive compensation, lessens doubts to do with the reduction of own shares and will be able to inspire individuals to look at the success of their organizations. Jeremy Goldstein has written books such as ‘Paying for Long-Term Performance’, it is a well-known publication in the entrepreneurial industry. The business lawyer has also published articles that are seen in the Harvard Law School medium specifically on financial guideline and corporate governance. He is in association with celebrated authors such as Nelson O. Fitts and Deborah L. Paul so as they can create journals that lead firms and people on the business law.



OSI Industries Unique Approach To Global Expansion

OSI Industries has become a leading player in the food manufacturing industry by providing innovative solutions for both food service and retail brands. Despite the successes already earned by the multi-billion company, OSI continues to expand its influence with the purchases of other food companies that align with OSI Industries own company values.

David McDonald, president of OSI Industries, explains that the company’s desire for growth is manifested in both acquisition of facilities and continued product development. OSI Industries is committed to bringing customers that most benefits their business interests. McDonald states that the food produced by OSI Industries is both healthy and tasty and goes on to credit company CEO, Sheldon Lavin with providing the energy that makes OSI Industries grow.

Expansion At Home

OSI Industries recently acquired a 200,000 square foot facility that once was home to a Tyson Foods Plant. The facility, located in Chicago, was purchased at a price of $7.4 million and will provide the needed platform for continued business growth.

European Expansion

OSI Industries expanded its reach in Europe with its purchase of Flagship Europe. Products provided by Flagship Europe include frozen poultry, pies, dips, and marinades among other products.

McDonald states that the acquisition of Flagship Europe provides OSI Industries with a broader presence on the continent while enhancing the cpmpany’s ability to meet the needs of its European customer base.

OSI Industries’ European efforts have also been bolstered by their partnership with Baho Food. Baho Food is a Dutch food manufacturer with food processing plants in its native Netherlands as well as Germany. As part of the transaction Baho will provide its managing director as well as its line managers to work with OSI management to provide a growth strategy plan for the newly partnered companies.

Global Growth Philosophy

In its continued quest for global expansion OSI industries operates from the position that global companies must remain local in nature. It is the the belief of David McDonald that local businesses can adapt better to local business climates that companies that seek to manage from a world away. The result of this is that OSI Industries has become a company on a global scale that maintains local management teams. And with this approach, OSI Industries believes that growth potential of their company to be unlimited.

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American Institute Of Architects | Promoting the Value Of Design In America

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is a US professional organization for architects, licensed professionals, and other allied partners in the building and design industry. It is a non-governmental organization that is headquartered in Washington, D.C. The AIA offers numerous services including education, community redevelopment, government advocacy, and public outreach.

The AIA’s primary agenda is supporting the architecture profession, improving its public image, and developing it into a respectable vocation. The organization advocates for its members’ value and gives architects the resources needed to perform their best work. Its work drives positive change in the community through the power and beauty of design. It further advocates for equity, inclusion, diversity, immigration, infrastructure, sustainability, and climate change.

The AIA also has a long history of demanding its members to adhere to the industry’s highest ethical standards. These include adherence and compliance to the code of ethics, by-laws, attribution of credit, antitrust compliance, and using the AIA designation.

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Mandate and Activities of the AIA

Today, the AIA employs about 200 employees throughout its 300 local chapters. It primarily carries out its goals and activities through advocacy, community, and information. Every year, the organization sponsors many continuing education experiences, thus, helping architects maintain their licensure.

The AIA also sets the building and design industry standards when it comes to contract documents with at least 100 contracts and forms used. Other services offered by the organization include:
• Providing numerous web-based resources needed by emerging architecture professionals
• Hosting the yearly AIA Conference on Architecture
• Conducting extensive market research and then releasing its analysis of the prevailing economic factors that are affecting the design profession
• Advocating for the architecture profession
• Championing the future of its members through enhancing public image and belief in the necessity of design
• Promoting design excellence and other outstanding professional achievements through its annual awards program

History of the American Institute of Architecture

The AIA dates back to 1857, the year it was founded by 13 architects who came together to promote the profession in the US. The founders met in New York City and later decided to invite another 16 prominent architects at the time to join them. They formed the New York Society of Architects before changing its name to the American Institute of Architects.


The President of AIA is Thomas Vonier, FAIA, while Carl Elefante, FAIA, is the First Vice President and the 2018 President-elect. The organization’s Secretary is Bruce W. Sekanick, FAIA, the treasure is Stuart L. Coppedge, and the EVP/CEO is Robert A. Ivy, FAIA.

The Stipulated Way to Prepare for Health Screening at Lifeline Screening

Are you concerned about your health? Do you think that you might be having the symptoms of any significant disease? If you have such questions lingering in your mind and stressing you out, the best way out is to consult your physician and go for health screening. There are many health screenings conducted these days to check whether the body is functioning normally or not and if the medical attention is needed. Health screening for various diseases has been introduced today that accurately find out if you are carrying symptoms of any health diseases.

Taking such health screenings also helps in reducing stress and knowing that the symptoms you carry are not associated with any major diseases. Due to the kind of lifestyle we live these days, most of the people live a life full of insecurities, including uncertainty about life. Thanks to the availability of so much information online, people tend to self-medicate or investigate about the symptoms they have, and even at times, conclude as to what disease they are possibly suffering. However, such anxiety can lead to stress, and it is why health screening is needed to get rid of such baseless anxiety and stress. And, if there is a presence of any disease, the physician can help treat you with ease with the aid of the screening reports.

Lifeline Screening is amongst the top most screening service providers in the United Kingdom and the United States, and if you have any health concerns, getting health screening done here is highly recommended. Starting from lung disease screening to cancer screenings and from cardiovascular health check-up to diabetes, kidney function, C – reactive protein, and much more, the list of screenings offered at Lifeline Screening is extensive. Moreover, Lifeline Screening continues to research extensively to find out new ways to make their testing results more accurate and to find screening methods for diseases whose screenings are not available currently.

There is a stipulated way in which a person should prepare for screening and must be followed before going to Lifeline Screening. The person must wear comfortable clothes and must not have anything for a minimum for four to five hours before the screening is scheduled. The meal they have before 4-5 hours must not be a huge or gassy one as it can impact the screening results negatively. Also, taking any supplements or alcohol before screening is not allowed before screening as it can lead to inaccuracy in test results.

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Mike Baur – Co-Founder of Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is a professional businessman and entrepreneur who has over twenty years of experience in the banking industry. He has worked for some prestigious banking companies such as UBS and Clariden Leu. After receiving many years of financial and investing experience, he decided to start his own business. Swiss Startup Factory was started in 2014 at the age of 39. He started the business with Max Meister who currently serves as the CEO. Olive Walzer is the CIO who also co-founded the business. The trio together has created a very strong startup company with a solid foundation of success that is continually increasing. In early 2016, Baur became the deputy managing director of CTI Invest, which is a company that the Swiss Startup Factory partnered with. Mike Baur was featured in the Wall Street Journal in early December 2016, outlining his career as a successful entrepreneur. Baur has invested much of his time working with different entrepreneurial groups and supporting several different types of Swiss digital startups both as an interested investor and a prominent board member. The three together have worked to build the Swiss Startup Factory to the worlds No. 1 startup business that is privately owned and operated.


The idea to start the Swiss Startup Factory manufactured from many experiences that they had in the earl stages of their investment businesses and experience. While working in the business, he had the opportunity to work with many startup businesses that were fairly average and didn’t have a driving startup presentation. That’s when Baur got the idea to start his own company with a “boot camp” like conduct. He involved some of the best startup teams in Switzerland to help increase the quality of their very early stages to get the business up and running to the next level. He began to tell people about his ideas, however, they felt like the market was already built and there wasn’t a whole lot of room for growth. Baur set out to prove them wrong, and has done so in more ways than one.


A typical day in the life of Mike Baur is out of the ordinary. He wakes up fairly early so he can get a head start on making the day successful and productive. He enjoys the fact that he can work physically with each client and help them solve the urgent topics by focusing their efforts on making the most out of the day.


Logan Stout Talks About Entrepreneurship With Inspirey

One of the questions asked of Logan Stout about his business career was how he obtained his first customer. Logan Stout says that he speaks about his products and the services Logan Stout’s company offers with a great passion. When customers see and feel the passion and belief behind the IDLife product and services, they become hooked. Stout also says that it is easy to convince people to try a product or service, when you yourself fully believe and back it. This was how he was able to get the first customer.

Logan Stout was also asked if he ever had doubts during the beginning of his business launch. Inspirey also inquired how he managed to overcome any doubts or hurdles that were in his way. Logan Stout says he recalls a time when he entered into a venture with another man in a business partnership. Stout says he ultimately made money on the deal but he was not aware of who he was sharing the business with.

Logan Stout then says he recalled that his business partner was not being honest with him on many fronts. This led Logan Stout to have serious doubts about being a business person. What Logan Stout gleaned from this experience is that one must be diligent and cautious before entering into a deal.

A guiding motto of Mr. Stout today that stemmed from his past experience is aligning before assigning. He says he must really believe in product or service’s merit before he can invest in it. It is also the only way he does business now.

Mr. Stour was asked by Inspirey what is a marketing tactic that he finds useful other than referrals in his line of business. Logan Stout says that he tries to act as an advocate instead of pushing products onto people. His business model involves people taking a free assessment. Based on the results of the assessment, sales reps will then suggest products that could be useful to the person. Such an approach is new, innovative and is actually appreciated by the customer. They view you as someone helping them and not just selling them something they don’t need.

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Adam Milstein Advocacy for Jews and His Philanthropy

Adam is a renowned investor in real estate. He is a partner at ‘Hager Pacific Properties’. His passion for giving back to the community has made him stand out as one of the leading Jewish philanthropists in America. He is also a pro- Israel champion who has over the years encouraged the younger generation of Jews to learn how to read Hebrew and also write in the language. In encouraging this literacy, he points out that it is one of the sure ways that Jews can connect with their culture and religion. His generous contribution goes to Jewish communities across the globe.

Family Foundation

As an established real estate dealer, Milstein and Gila, his wife, founded a family foundation that would work with organizations strengthening and supporting the Jewish people, US- Israel Friendship and the State of Israel. Milstein believes in Israel and was in the ‘Yom Kippur War before moving to America in 1981. While in the US, he went to ‘University of Southern California’ to study business.Not only does the foundation offer financial assistance to causes it believes in, it also gives technical assistance to organizations and projects aligned with its purpose. Through it efforts of fostering cooperation in activists for Israel, the foundation aspires to create partnerships that boost pro-Israel groups to reach more Israeli people and make a resounding impact.

The ‘Adam Milstein Podcast

In order to reach a wider audience and impart his broad knowledge on the younger generation of Israel, Adam uses several channels. He targets children from the age of two, adolescents and young adults. His podcast features a lot of conversations with leaders, activists, policymakers and artists who champion issues related to Israel and her prosperity.


Some of the professionals and leaders he has featured on his podcast include: Haim Saban, an established Israeli-American media personality. Dennis Prager, an author and radio personality has also been featured. Yesh Atid’s founder and former chairman, Yair Lapid, has also been featured on the show. Issues such as media, the Israeli-Palestinian stalemate and how young Israeli adults can be encouraged to participate in their country’s political movement are discussed.

Key Reasons Behind Rocketship Education’s Success

Rocketship Education is a system of public charter schools in the United States. Known for blasting away other schools’ quality of education, this network emphasizes several aspects of education shared by few other schools.

Parents are surprisingly good interviewers

Every concerned parent – virtually every parent – is worried about educators’ characteristics, experience, and attitudes. As such, the innovative system of sixteen Rocketship Education schools across America involve parents in forming feedback to provide instructors with, as well as interviewing them. Selected parents, hailing from all occupations and backgrounds, are trained to conduct panel interviews on incoming instructors. Parents also are asked for their students’ opinions, as children rarely provide their honest opinions of instructors in the classroom setting.

Parents collectively push for top-notch public schools

An integral part of Rocketship Education’s operations is encouraging parents to become active in pushing for high-quality schools past the elementary level. As the public charter school system provides only primary education, empowering parents to pressure municipalities to improve quality of education offered at nearby locations also causes them to hold Rocketship’s administrators and educators accountable for facilitating classrooms with unmatched educational outcomes.

Teachers – not students – should hail from diverse backgrounds

As most schools feel diverse student bases look good on paper, they often strive to draw in diverse crowds. However, one of the many ways Rocketship Education stands out among the educational crowd is through employing teachers from many backgrounds prior to attracting diverse student bases.

Teachers benefit from annual visits to students’ home

Every instructor visits each of their students’ homes once a year. Individual education plans are better personalized by understanding how children live, furthering their potential for educational success in the classroom.

“Public” schools should be proud schools

Rocketship Education was formed in 2007 in Redwood City, California, by current CEO Preston Smith and John Danner. Their schools are located across the nation, including Milwaukee, the nation’s capital, and several in the organization’s home state of California. Rocketship Education is classified as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, acting as a facilitator of community success through investing profits in nearby neighborhoods and its pedagogic efforts.


Whitney Wolfe: Changing The Dating Game

Whitney Wolfe, cofounder of the dating app Bumble, reportedly turned down an offer from Match Group to aquire Bumble for $450 million dollars.

Both reps for Match Group and Bumble have declined to make a statement about these reports. Sources say the aquisition was presented a couple of months ago.

If Bumble had accepted the offer, that would mean that cofounder and CEO Whitney Wolfe would be working for a company she had legal issues with years before.

Whitney Wolfe sued Tinder,, and Interactive Corp. for sexual.harrassment and sex discrimination. The companies settled with Whitney quickly out of a court room.

Whitney Wolfe cofounded Tinder, the popular dating app, in 2012 when she was 22 years old. Her position with Tinder was VP of Marketing and she was able to successdully promote the location based dating app and make it go viral in the technology world

Bumble was launched by Whitney Wolfe in 2014. Bumble is a dating app where the woman gets to initiate the conversation with the man girst, if she chooses to. The app just started monitizing with an upgraded subscription option that alows for more features from the app. The company has expanded from that by launching BumbleBFF and BumbleBuzz, which will launch in the near future. BumbleBFF allows women to search for new friends in their area and BumbleBuzz allows women to professionaly network.

Bumble is working to change the norm in dating, where the woman is expected to wait for a suitor to ask them out on a date. It puts the power in the woman’s hands. If a potential date swipes on profile, they have 24 hours to initiate a conversation if they choose to do so. Bumble also lives by the motto of be nice. They send out email reminders to their subscribers and also take reports of rudeness very seriously. For more info about us: click here.

The best example is when Bumble got a report from a woman who was called a “golddigging whore” by a guy named Connor. Connor was banned and used as a public example with an online letter that included #laterconnor. This is what sets Bumble apart from any other dating app out there.

The 2017 Fantasy Football Rankings- Martinis Bryant

With the 2017 football season coming to a start, comes the infamous series of fantasy football. The 2017 fantasy football rankings are out, and for most, the ranking of players comes fairly easy. However, there are some questionable fantasy football rankings such as Martavis Bryant.

Martavis Bryant is difficult to rank due to his recent past in the league. His 2014-2015 season was off to a slow start after being drafted 4th round to the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was inactive for the first six games due to poor performance and an A/C sprain. In 2016, Martavis was due for a third-year breakout, but was sidelined for the entire season due to failure in a drug test. Bryant has phenomenal potential and has shown some success in his short field exposure, but with his three year past in the league, his fantasy football ranking is a difficult decision.

The fantasy football rankings are calculated by numerous factors, including previous league stats, potential, health and many more. Martavis Bryant has questionability in almost all of those factors. For that reason, saying whether he will be WR1 is almost like gambling. Some have said they believe its possible, while others have given as low as a 5% chance. We will soon find out what the Pittsburg Steelers have planned for the 2017 season.