An Overview of Richard Blair and his strong, yet conservative, financial advice

Wealth solutions is a registered investment advisory firm that is based in Austin Texas. Some of the services they offer include wealth management, financial planning, and retirement planning.

Richard Blair is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA),Certified Annuity Specialist® (CAS®), Certified Estate and Trust Specialist™ (CES™), Certified Fund Specialist® (CFS®), and a Retirement Income Certified Professional™ (RICP®). He is the founder of Wealth Solutions.

Blair is intrigued by education. Some of his most notable family members, including his wife, mother, and grandmother were teachers. He started this financial advising business because he wanted to make a difference in the lives of individuals, families, and small business owners. He wanted to have a similar impact on people’s lives that teachers do.

In 1993, after Blair graduated from college, he did not waste any time getting into the financial services industry. He created his own firm, Wealth Solutions, in 1994. His goal was to give objective and reliable advice to clients of his firm. He also wanted to make sure he was avoiding conflicts of interest while giving his clients unbiased financial advice.

Wealth Solutions likes to emphasize that financial markets are always changing. In addition, individual investor strategies and approaches need to adjust, as well. His firm is always looking for chances to give dynamic and conservative investment solutions so that clients can get the most out of their investments. At the same time, Wealth Solutions wants to make sure that their clients’ risks are kept to a minimum.

Through the years, Richard has used his knowledge and experience in retirement planning to give his clients the best possible outcomes. His goal is to close the gap between planning and living in retirement. His number one goal is to educate clients about financial matters so that they have a successful retirement.

One great thing about his business is that he also has a website that provides free informational videos on various financial topics, such as retirement, estate, investment, insurance, taxes, money, and lifestyle. He also has a blog on his  company website where he gives insight about various topics in the area of finance.

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